Matchbox Ford Sierra Code 3 restoration


Matchbox Packard Eight Victoria Convertible 1932

Two hundred years ago it was common among rich people to order customized bodywork for their luxury cars. There were producers, for example Delahaye, who did not carry their cars at all. Some models from Bugatti, Duesenberg, Ferrari or Rolls Royce were sold unladen. Coachwork does not have a wikipedia page in Romanian, as it does not have in many other languages. The article today is about a Packard 1502 Super Eight of 1937 with coachwork by Franay. The car is in Riga Motor Museum in Latvia. It is one of the museum’s reference exhibits. The story says it belonged to Carol II of Romania. It was taken by the Russians and used by their officers. When the Soviet Union was broken, the car was in Latvia, where it was saved. From what I’ve researched on the internet both King Michael of Romania and Prince Paul were contacted by Packard fans to find out more about the car. We did not find anything about a possible answer, so there is probably no other information left with the legend.